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I used company resources to build my own Internet company. Apparently my low job satisfaction bred disloyalty, which drifted into outright theft. Sabotage can't be far away.
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cabo san lucas 2003
---- pool worship in the land of chips and salsa

Outer Banks 2002
---- 7 days and 13 people = $20-$60/person, 1 bathroom = priceless

Sint Maarten / Saint Martin 2002
---- "The Friendly Island", it says so on their license plates

---- William & Mary alumni bring in the New Year without computers in Berkeley Springs

roadtrip '99
---- Andrew and Shaq drive all over the USA

europe '97
---- many pictures and sparse commentary from three weeks in Germany and Austria

Aesop's Fables | Grimm's Fairy Tales | Cinderella
---- a presentation of 82 fables and 28 + 1 tales in the spirit of Project Gutenburg

Pepper Nashel | Heni and Anais | Becket | Newton
---- animals on the web