Sint Maarten / Saint Martin 2002

Scott, Amy and I (Dave) went to St. Maarten (the Dutch side), the French side and a very small island that's part of Anguilla (UK) last week (July 26 - August 2). As soon as I get the pictures from Scott you'll get to see them here.

Pictures as promised.

room_view_buildings room_view_arch Orient_Beach Amy_at_Orient_Beach sand_castle evening_sky
Amy_and_Scott_at_Great_Bay_Phillipsburg Amy_and_Dave_at_Great_Bay_Phillipsburg Prickley_Pear_Island Dave_and_Amy_on_Bluebeard3 Scott_on_Bluebeard3 Amy_Dave_and_Scott_on_Bluebeard3
Bluebeard3_crew Scott_jump1 Scott_jump2 Scott_and_Amy_snorkeling Prickley_Pear_beach Prickley_Pear_footprints

Scott developed some more film.

Divi_Little_Bay_Resort infinity_pool

Divi Little Bay Resort