Outer Banks 2002

Allison, Amy, Brian, Emily, Jen, John, Kyle, Margie, Meredith, Scott, Shaq, Yanek and I (Dave) went to Kill Devil Hills, NC last week (August 17 - 24).

Beach Guidelines and Information
---- minutes of the meeting, August 13, 2002

Kyle's digital camera images.

Amy_and_Scott David_at_beach Scott_with_walkman Yanek_and_Emily
last_firework Allison_at_beach Brain_and_the_cactus Yanek_and_Brian_swimming

Scott's first roll of film.

everyone_on_couch Amy_and_Brian_twister Meredith_and_drunken_Kyle

Margie's pictures which she gave me several weeks ago but I was slacking.

Brian_kite_head group_flying_kite Yanek_Emily_Jen_and_Dave_twister

Scott's second roll of film which he only had developed the other day.

Allison_John_Emily_Shaq_Jen_and_Brian_build_sand_castles Amy_and_Kyle_supervise_sand_castles everyone_on_resturant_porch
John_and_Yanek_v_the_waves Kyle_Dave_Amy_and_Emily_reading_at_beach Margie_sleeps_and_Dave_reads_with_Meredith_bra
Shaq_and_Scott_castle Shaq_and_Scott_watch_a_movie swim_out_to_sea