Travel Journal

-- Day 1 -- The Flight

David realized that he had been avoiding grapes all these years for no reason. I tried to strike up a conversation with the three fine looking young women sitting behind us, espically the brunette in the blue shirt but we had to get off the plane. They were heading off to France, maybe a side trip? Saw Jerry Maguire. David slept, some.

-- Day 2 -- More Flying

Things are looking up. the three women headed to France are sitting behind us again. Found lots of cool stuff to buy in the Iceland Airport store on the way back. David was trying to be cool, but wound up inhaling his pocket lint (twice). The airline food is suprizingly good, I like bread w/ butter. Figured by the time we land we've covered 6764 km.

-- Day 2 -- New Events

Luxembourg airport is vert very boring. Our driver set cruise at 140 km/h with limit of 100 km/h, I slept. Managed to find the interesting sights in the city. Andrew and David managed to find the one Ferrari in the whole city of Trier. Porta Niagra, an old stone building. Ate dinner at Rick Steve's touristy place. David had his first Beer. The hostel was very nice, somehow think the rest will be as good. We all fall asleep around 8, we were tired.

-- Day 3 -- First Train

Got up after 12 hours, still tired. We ate Breakfast, Bread and Milk. We find a grocery store and purchase water and coke since we have found little else to drink. Thank God for the Citibank place. We wander around looking at the ancient Roman ruins. I'm not the sightseer Andrew and David are. Actually used my German to get our Eurail passes validated and we hop on a train to Koblenz. David is still very camera happy. Andrew, not so much but still likes to snap away. A beach is more my speed. I miss Lauren, and just generally being home. Two weeks is a long time.

-- Day 3 -- Castle Climb

Finally made it to Bacharch after a simple detour through some random small town. Sent out postcards. I'm happy. The climb to the castle was interesting, got to actually read a monument plaque. Dr. Pettrone is gonna kill me, the climb was more than the knees wanted. Wish the weather was a little nicer. Andrew and David are true gung-ho about going back down or something, not sure I'll make the trip, but we'll see. Observation: Germany seems to be expensive, but I don't really know, little has been bought.

-- Day 3 -- Apre Village

Wandered around Bachrach looking at stuff. Saw a nice Austin Healey! There are rats in the Sewers. Ate dinner at traditional Italian German place, good food. I had Bratwurst. On the climb back up, counted 327 steps(stairs) and a bunch of slopes.

Met nice guys from Michigan, they are serious travelers. Hung-out at the Hostel bar, talking, chillin', got involved in a German hat song, very EURO.

Guy mentioned that the French, "you hear they're rude, but then you go an you find out they're Fuckin' Rude."

-- Day 3 -- Ending

Saw the coolest moon ever, wish Lauren was here to share it with me.

Trip has given me some perspective into who I am. What I want, what I need is becoming more clear. Family is important and so are friends, but neither is worth sacrificing for the other.

-- Day 4 -- Traveling

Trains can be long and very uneventful. Cities are very big and somewhat confusing. Found the first place where coke is as good a deal as everythign else. Thirst has been an on-going problem. In the past few days we have each had less than two liters to drink. Makes taking the Advil fun.

The Churches here are cool but not up to par at home. Have tried to go shopping but things seem to close randomly. The hostels are weird places, some people know what to do, some don't.

-- Day 4 -- Bomb Wurzburg

The city of Wurzburg closes early on saturdays. Wandered around found some cool window shopping to do. Met some nice people from South Korea who are also taking the Romantic Road trip tomorrow. We hiked up the vineyards to the cool as shit castle thing at the top of the city. We have all decided to purchase this place, Fortress Marianburg. Of course we decided to see this at 9 in the evening. Coolest place we have ever seen, saw more cool cars, but David has not gotten his picture of the

-- Day 4 -- Pub hopping?

police BMW. After the fortress, wandered some more, looking for a place to quench our thirst. We wound up in some small pub, very authentic and great. David got to try all forms of drink, a beer/lemonade mix, a rum and coke, and stopped there with a banna juice. Andrew and I partook of the local beers. Decided this has spoiled me for the rest of summer. Wish we had more time to see the castle in the daytime. We were worried about being away from music, but we found refuge in the pub with some Bon Jovi, Jethro Tull, Who, Don McLean, and Journey...

Must visit Elder's pub when we return the next time, below the castle down the road from the hostle.

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