Travel Journal

-- Day 5 -- Romantic it is

We seem to be haunted by roomates who snore. Not enough sleep was gotten last night but it seems to be ok. Problems with ATM's but we're okay for now. The bus trip is fun, found another young lady to occupy ourselves for the duration. Rothenburg is fun and a nice looking place. Fixed our problem of dehydration with some purchases. Criminal museum was interesting. Figuring out what to do for the evening has lead to many ideas. Stopped in some random places like a thimble museum, and our first stop at the tourist trap from hell.

[Katie, Jenny, Ruth, Wisconsin, Milwakee]

-- Day 5 -- Don Juan I am not

or maybe I am... I was soom the victim of gypsies, but not like the ones you'd expect. David and Andrew used the fine young lady as a disstraction to get my Skittles. Katie is nice and easy to talk to. Well the day turned out to be a nice distraction and interesting. We managed to solve our housing dilemma, stayed at the hostle. Fussen is a small quiet town, lots of alpine sports. Had a very nice meal at a family Croatian establishment. We seemed to have infiltrated a local establishment as everyone

-- Day 5 -- Night of Food

stared at us. Had a quiet evening as it was just the three of us in a six-man room without anyone snooring. We also met the super japanese tourist man on the Bus. He along with out tour guide annoyed the hell out of us. Kaytee's trip is even more ambitious that our own, hitting 7 countries in three weeks. I'm glad I could provide entertainment for Andrew and David by talking with her for an established 2:09. Was hoping to see her tomorrow at the castles but we'll see.

-- Day 6 -- Cool Castle climbing

Well we seem to awaken earlier every day. Passed up the hostle breakfast in favor of eating produce from a store. More money has been spent so far today than any other day so far. Things seemed to be very expensive today. We have had to pay for everything we've done today. The castles were cool, long hike up to the cool one, but it was still not as cool as the Wurzburg fortress. Didn't meet up with Katyee again, but that's okay. Had a good beer at the base of the castles, and some good Bavarian food. Discovered that we were not meant to

-- Day 6 -- Hysterical High-life

shop in this country, as every time we are wandering the cities, the stores are closed. We venture towards Munich with David in a hysterical laughing fit for some unknown reason, all from the word Emu. Debating mailing Katyee a postcard, we'll see how much fun we have later. Once again our living plans are less than concrete, we'll see where we end up tonight. After yesterday and today, if I never see another Japanese tourist, I won't be sad. Found our way from the huge ass train station in Munchen and found ourselves scrounging for a place to

-- Day 6 -- David's Drunkardness

sleep. After stepping out of the train station we were approached by a native as to whether we would like an apartment to stay in for our stay. She said 80 DM for us to stay the three nights, needless to say we turned it down. Instead we obtained a single room in a hotel along the techie-porno street. Having the erotica store right next door. We stowed our stuff and ventured out into the big city. Felt like New York City, but not a comfortable. Saw more beautiful automobiles, porsches are prevelent in this city. Prices are higher in the city.

-- Day 6 -- Italian? apparently so...

Problems navigating this city, finally found where we actually want to go tomorrow, hopefully we will find it. Actually walked out of our first resturaunt cause none of us could decipher the all Deutsch menu. Wound up at a nice place eating lots of suasage, drinking some true Munchen beers. Saw some nice sports stores we'd like to stop in, maybe see some nice sights. When we walked into the resturaunt we ended up eating in, the waitress thought I was Italian. I guess all these years I've been taliking about my looks have been correct.

-- Day 7 -- Finally German

We went to Dachau this morning, and we were very moved and disturbed. We couldn't understand why any one there wished to have their picture taken anywher in the camp. After that up-lifting experience we wandered the city of Munchen trying to find the Internet-Cafe, that we found. We sat there for a good couple hours, eating ice cream. We napped for a couple hours and then window shopped for the places we wish to shop at tomorrow. We got hungry around 11:30 and hit up our one Mc'Ds

-- Day 7 -- Water and still alive

we allocated for the trip. Andrew was brave and tried the Samuri burger, we're still not sure what it was. I was actually able to conduct our entire purchase in German. We have decide the risk the water and actually have been for the last many days and we are all still alive. We expereienced two new transportations the commuter train and the subway. Saw the second of our German Ferraris, this time an F355, absolutely beautiful.

-- Day 8 -- Motorists Heaven

We seem to be unable to obtain the energy for breakfast and a decision on where to eat lunch has allways seemed to have taken too long. We arrived at the BMW museam somewhat early and saw all of the nice German sutomobiles. Afterwards we went shopping, saw the bigest sporting goods store ever, found some very nice fuBball jersies. We also wandered over to the Mercedes dealer and saw some beautiful cars. We still seem to be unable to avoid Italian resturaunts in this city, they seem more

-- Day 8 -- Soccer Soccer Everywhere

common than even German. Of course I am still mis-read as an Italian everywhere we go. We are questioning how the economy of this country works as no one ever seems to work. Stores open for what seesm to be a very short time and people always seem to be wandering around. Today was espically bad as there seems to be a soccer match today between a local team and an Italian team. Mailed more postcards which was nice. We have found that the typical German eating time for dinner is around 9, and we foudn a place we like to eat where

-- Day 8 -- German Goodbye

we're going again. We head in Austria tomorrow, we will need to learn how to tackle a new money system. We get to ride a different kind of train as well.

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